Explaining the Tags

FemDom - with a strong Dominant/submissive theme, with the woman being dominant the majority of the  time

Romance - finishing with a happily ever after (HEA) or at least, happily for now (HFN)

Erotica - minimal plot, mostly sex

Ratings - go from A+ to F- 
As a general rule, anything that an A is almost perfect. I will regularly re-read A books and they're everything a book should be. B's are good, readable books with some problems. At the B+/B end of B, I will probably re-read occasionally. B books are mainly good, with some issues. C books have some major problems which significantly marred my enjoyment. They are mediocre books with moments of redemption.
I rarely post D or below reviews, because they usually end up being DNFs or DNSs. Those sorts of books will usually have plot lines that make me rage impotently at the stupidity of people, or there are so many grammatical errors that even I notice.

DNF - did not finish

DNS - did not start (usually because something in the extract or the synopsis put me off)

TSTL - too stupid to live (worryingly frequent label for heroines who stumble into trouble through their own apparent lack of braincells)

WTF - put politely: what on earth is going on here?

Subtle femdom - something that doesn't have any explicit femdom elements and is from another genre, but features a strong enough female character and a submissive-esque male character that there seems to be some sort of F/m dynamic.

Not really femdom - for those moments when Sunnygirl is clearly off-topic.

Mistress - featuring a female character who explicitly identifies as a domme/dom/dominant/mistress/other similar term.

Strong heroine - not necessarily identifying as a Mistress, but knowing just what she wants and striving hard to get it. A strong heroine who doesn't take any rubbish from anyone, including the hero. Too much moping around, irrational crying, illogical thinking or TSTL and a heroine will have her 'strong' badge taken away. 

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